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Older Not Old — Omega-3s

Somehow as I've gotten older, the number of pills I have to take has grown. I even had to get a weekly pill holder to keep me on track. In the mix are calcium and vitamin D, vitamin B-12 (I'm mostly vegetarian), and a blood pressure pill. So understandably I

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Older Not Old — Figs, Fats, and Financiers

First, the figs. Years ago, my colleague and friend, Stephen McCauley, asked me to bring him back fresh figs from a shopping adventure in Florence, Italy. At the time, he worked for the PR firm Porter Novelli and was in charge of the meeting I was attending. The month was

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Older Not Old — Hungry Not Hungry

If you've met my mom, you know that she's a wisp of a person, not someone I'd take with me if I was a tornado chaser. I visited her a few weeks ago on my way home from a Dannon Institute Nutrition Leadership Institute meet-up at the Experimental Biology meeting

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Story Behind the Story — Nicholas Coleman

Anyone following nutrition news over the past few years knows that fat no longer is the bad guy that it was in the 80s and 90s. Apart from the fact that eating a low fat diet made Americans fatter, not slimmer, it turns out that various types of fat don’t

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Older Not Old — Fussing about Fiber

The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans came out a few months ago with new strategies for sounding the alarm on the American diet. As called out in previous guidelines, we continue to eat too much of some foods and not enough of others. With too few vegetables, fruits, whole grains,

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Major culinary and food trends in 2016

On a recent sponsored trip to London, I got a preview into food and culinary trends for 2016, with a perspective from across the pond. Here,  a brief write-up in Produce Business UK; photos courtesy of The Big Event (DMC). http://www.producebusinessuk.com/insight/insight-stories/2016/02/16/foodfluence-event-identifies-major-culinary-and-food-trends-to-watch-in-2016  

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