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Older Not Old — Sensible Portions


In my early days in NYC, I was on a mission to find the best and biggest muffins in town. Two places stand out -- Lincoln Square Deli and a bakery near NYU, where I was taking courses toward my Master's degree. I think the muffins weighed 4-6 ounces, for

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Older Not Old — Fussing about Fiber


The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans came out a few months ago with new strategies for sounding the alarm on the American diet. As called out in previous guidelines, we continue to eat too much of some foods and not enough of others. With too few vegetables, fruits, whole grains,

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Older, Not Old: Pumping Up Protein


I just returned from California, where I spent time enjoying meals with my 88-year-old mom. Much of our conversation revolved around protein – Mom, like many older and older-older adults, doesn’t eat enough of it and we were brainstorming ways for her to up the protein. She needs quick and

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Cooking By Number – Muffins


Last week, I spoke for a group of nursery school teachers on healthy snacks for preschoolers. When I asked the director whether the kids cooked in school, she mentioned that they made muffins but needed healthier ideas. Hey, who says muffins can’t be healthy? These get their moisture from pureed

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