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Major culinary and food trends in 2016


On a recent sponsored trip to London, I got a preview into food and culinary trends for 2016, with a perspective from across the pond. Here,  a brief write-up in Produce Business UK; photos courtesy of The Big Event (DMC). http://www.producebusinessuk.com/insight/insight-stories/2016/02/16/foodfluence-event-identifies-major-culinary-and-food-trends-to-watch-in-2016  

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Ramp-ing Up the Spring Celebration


This past Wednesday morning was beautiful and clear, too nice to spend our usual hour or so working out in the gym. Eric and I decided instead to walk on our local treasure, the North County Trailway. Formerly train tracks, the Trailway has been paved over for use by walkers,

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Screaming for Ice Cream


If I could choose only one food to eat, I would pick ice cream. I love its combination of cold and creamy and never tire of trying new flavors. Here's my little secret - ice cream is the first thing that I eat when I wake up in the morning.

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Food as Art and Craft


On a beautiful Saturday in May, my husband and I spent the afternoon at Crafts at Lyndhurst, a well-established and well-attended crafts festival at one of the historic Hudson River mansions. What I noticed more than the art was the food. Whether the organizers were filling booths or filling shopper

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Humming about Hummus


Wow, not that many years ago, most people hadn't heard of hummus, let alone ever tried it. Thanks to companies like Sabra, Tribe, and Athenos, hummus has become ubiquitous in the supermarket. In fact, an article in the Wall Street Journal on April 29, 2013 says that the growing popularity

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