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Older Not Old – The wrong fork in the road, Part 1


I recently attended a conference that was sponsored by a dozen companies and organizations. This information contained in this blog post represents my synthesis and interpretation of the material presented. I was not paid for or asked to write this post. As an older not old adult, I am truly

Older Not Old – The wrong fork in the road, Part 12018-02-22T17:31:48+00:00

Older, Not Old: Bowling for Health


Last week, I met with two different Boomer clients. They had different food priorities – weight management for one and recently-diagnosed illness for the other – but both asked about eating to improve their health. Did I mention that they have busy lifestyles and don't want to spend a lot of time in

Older, Not Old: Bowling for Health2018-02-04T16:46:43+00:00

Older, Not Old: Pumping Up Protein


I just returned from California, where I spent time enjoying meals with my 88-year-old mom. Much of our conversation revolved around protein – Mom, like many older and older-older adults, doesn’t eat enough of it and we were brainstorming ways for her to up the protein. She needs quick and

Older, Not Old: Pumping Up Protein2018-02-04T16:46:43+00:00
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